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Legacy Mating Conditions Vs Assembly Constraints

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Need some expertise comment on Legacy Mating Conditions Vs Assembly Constraints


While exploring about assembly constraints, I read words "Leagcy Mating Conditions"


Is this the older term used for assembly constraints that we refer in current NX versions.


Can somebody elaborate if there is any other difference between mating conditions and assembly constraints? 


Re: Legacy Mating Conditions Vs Assembly Constraints


Hello Ganesh_Kadole,
historically assembly constraint were introduced with NX5 and have cohabited with the mating condition up to version NX7.

Since version NX7.5 there are only assembly constraint.
The differences between the two methods are many, the main one, in my opinion, is that the mating condition are

This involved a different way of building assemblies: for example consider the Part A connected by the mating condition with the Part B, if you used the command move component you could just move only the Part B, while the part A is moved with the Part B while maintaining the constraints.
There are many other differences also in the visualization and management but would require an entire book .... I hope I explained.
Ciao Cesare