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Licensing error


Hey all.


I am having some licensing error when I work in NX.

This error message usually only happens when i switch between drawing and modelling mode, so when i am staying in 1 mode the error dont occour.

The error could occour from just 10 minutes of working or upto 1 hour, this dont depend on how many times i switch mode. Sometimes it can occour the first time I'm switching.  I then have to restart my NX to get everything to work properly again.


I had my IT CAD support at my company looking into it, but when we tried to recreate the error it would not occour.


I have added screenshots of the error messages.


Screenshot NX error.png


NX Error 2.png




Re: Licensing error

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Siemens Phenom


Although GTAC will be your best bet for this query but just a dumb guess from my side .... are you and your team using floating licenses? Try to use LMTOOLS also for qa better diagnosis.

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Re: Licensing error

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

A couple things.


1) Next time this happens, look in your log file (Help -> Log file) - it should report more details

2) If you can, also look in the License Server log file.  Again, this would report which feature(s) were not able to be checked out, and (if you read thru the file properly) who has them

3) You can use the Start -> All programs -> Siemens NX (version) -> NX Licensing tools -> lmtools to see who has what licenses checked out when this happens.  There should be some articles in the Solutions database ( on how to use this.


For (2) and (3) I would spend some time now (before it happens) figuring out where the files are & how to use lmtools, so when you get the error you can see what is happening right away.


Another issue may be the network (or server) goes down.  If your IT folks haven't blocked the "ping" utility, you could try pining the license server to see if it is a network/server issue.



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Re: Licensing error


Thanks for the reply guys.


I will try your tips.



Re: Licensing error

Was some kind of networking issue with the licensing server. IT service made some changes to my computer and now it is fixed. Not sure exactly what they did as they sit in another location in the world