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Lightweight Data Validation Report



NX says :

Lightweight Data Validation Report
To help locate problem components, place the view and use the following techniques.
o Use the 'Find Component command', search 'By Attribute' using the 'LW_DWG_GEOMETRY_OMITTED' name, the '!=' criteria
and a blank Value to select all problematic components in the assembly navigator.
o Use the Check-Mate test 'Check for Components with no Valid Lightweight Data' to find all such components.
This test is situated under the Drafting Test category.

Bodies that failed due to having no lightweight representation:
Component Name 2710019B
Component Part C:\Drawing Files\ZIP\2710019B.prt

Possible Corrective Actions:
Generate the lightweight data. For more details, see documentation.

How can I generate

lightweight data		

 I've Set the Automatic Lightweight Generation customer default, but I don't have license for Assembly Representation command.

I need to use the refile command or I've a interactive solution ?

Thank you...

Using NX11 and NX1847
RuleDesigner PDM


Re: Lightweight Data Validation Report

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor
Representations *is* the interactive solution. Refile should correct these parts. If the "-regen_lw"switch does not resolve the problem (uses original faceting parameters) try using the "-regen_lw_def_tol" which uses default faceting parameters.