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Line thickness





I can't seem to set up the correct line thicknesses. I've edited the visible lines widths, hidden lines widths and PDF export custom widths. 


My PDF files are, even on A1 size, hard to read. Hard to see where dimension lines are referencing to and automatic generated things by NX itself, such as 3/4-arc threads just blend in with the hole lines. 


2017-04-26 08_33_22-D01-3901267_rev0.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.jpg

The hole should show a 3/4-arc but it's just one huge black circle. The chamfered edges also show as one big black line. I've set visible line thickness to 0.08mm. So I'm not sure why this is happening? 


Re: Line thickness

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Hi @MKarsten,


Open the attached part file which consists 3 legacy (black) line widths (thin, normal and thick) and 9 new line widths (blue).  Unless you have modified the Customer Defaults (or the Visualization Preferences) lines are either 1, 2 or 3 pixels in width as can be seen in this part.  Export a PDF and see how it compares to your part.  Are the lines still thicker than you expect - if so, which ones?


Now select "File > Plot" and under "Color and Width" change Widths to "Custom Widths" and under "Actions" select "Advanced Plot" and then select "CGM Viewer".  How do the lines look?  Unless you've changed the widths on this dialog, this is how the lines will be displayed OOTB when exporting to PDF.


Cancel the 'NX Print' dialog and select the 'Define Widths' icon on the Plot dialog.

Custom Thin, Custom Normal and Custom Thick define the widths of the legacy lines.  The remaining "Custom Widths" are for the 9 new lines.  Modify the 'Custom Width' values, select Advanced Plot and then select CGM Viewer to see how the widths of lines have changed in the CGM output.  You can use the CGM Viewer to get a realistic representation of how the PDF output is going to turn out.

Once you've established your desired Custom Widths, apply these to the PDF Custom Widths on your part and see if you get better results.


Regards, Ben

Re: Line thickness

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Note (as I posted in the other thread) if you are dealing with legacy files, there are customer defaults for how to map the legacy widths (thin/thick/normal) to the new widths

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Re: Line thickness





First of: Thank you very much for the detailed reply and file.


Sorry for my late reply, as we had holidays here. I will try it out this morning. 



Edit: I opened the file that you've attached to your post and exported a PDF. The "thin" legacy line is actually the line width that I was looking for. It's a lot thinner than the custom width 1 line.2017-05-01 08_04_34-mannes.karsten_legacy_and_new_line_widths.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.jpg

 Top line shows legacy line thin. All my lines show up as the bottom line (just above this text).


I've edited the custom width lines at the plot settings but nothing changes the outcome of the line widths. 




Edit2: I seem to have fixed it. I'm finally able to get the thin lines exported on my PDF files. Thank you for the help!

Re: Line thickness


Hi @MKarsten


may I ask you how exactelly did you solve this issue? I have the same problem, went through all possible settings but my PDF still turns the same, no matter how thin I set the lines.




Re: Line thickness


Hi @David_Ryvol,



I'm using the attached file (lines.wdf) and these settings for my .pdf export:

2018-05-29 09_34_32-Define Widths.jpg