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Linked Body not showing up in Exploded view




I am using NX 10 to create an assembly model consisting of various sub-assemblies. On this top-level model, I am using the Wave linker to promote a body of a subassembly in order to add some tapped holes on this body. Then, I had to hide this body in the sub-asssembly in order to see the tapped holes on the top-level assembly. Then, I tried to explode this sub-assembly with the added tapped holes, but this it where I got stock. The promoted body of this subassembly which contains the tapped holes,  remained on its original position, while the rest of the sub-assembly became exploded. Could some explain to me how to explode a sub-assembly model which contains bodies that have been promoted (Wave linked)?




Re: Linked Body not showing up in Exploded view

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it's better to make a sub level on the parts where you want to create the tapper holes.


Exploded view is not really moving a component like the move. its a temp view position of an assembly.

that's why the linked bodies aren't moving in the exploded views.

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