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Linked mirror body ? What is it ?

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I have a part which history tree has only "Linked mirror body" and no features ?

  • Is it live connected to some part LinkedMirrorBody(27) ? (Linkage/assosiated ?)
  • What if I now add features like holes...will the changes effect the linked part ?
  • What is going on ?

Linked mirror body.jpg 


Re: Linked mirror body ? What is it ?

That is a wave link, of another part. You can tell by the icon, that the link is broken (broken chain link), so it is no longer "live". Regardless, you can modify it as you like, and it would not change the original. If the link was live, changes to the original, could transfer to your linked mirror body. I say "could", because it would depend on if the link was created "at time stamp" or not.

I would check the help files on wave links.
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Re: Linked mirror body ? What is it ?

I'd wager this is an opposite part - WAVE is a great way to realize opposites by wave mirroring from the original component in one step.  Your source geometry for the WAVE body is likely to be the original part.   Looks like the original designer then just unfolded to have an opposite flat pattern.