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MCD Linear Axis Simulation

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi! I'm trying to simulate a linear axis and I have used an operation that, when a signal is high, change the position of a "positios control". Now what I whant to do do is receiving this position from a variable like an integer o so but I didn't found a way. The only one is using the signal adapter but it works only when the signal is TRUE since when the signal is FALSE you have to assign it a value too because the expression could not be like "IF THEN, ENDIF". Could you show me another way?



Re: MCD Linear Axis Simulation

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Maybe I have found another way. I made a signal for each variable connected to the phisical object. Like Speed, Position and Acceleration and Deceleration. Normally into an MDI Axis I transfert first those positioning parameters then with the rising edge  (I use an impulse) of a BIT the positioning job starts and complete. Here I have associate the StartFlag with the "Position Control" active when it is HIGH. The only problem is that I must mantain the start flag HIGH for the entire traversing job.