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Mass export of PDFs from TC or NX


Hey guys!


I got an assembly with some drafted sheets and parts in the assembly with their own drafts (meaning if you open as displayed part and go to drafting you get a new sheet there). I want to know if there is an easy way to export multiple sheets into one PDF across parts.


So I would like one PDF containing drafts of everything I want, without having to manually export each part to pdf and then using a program to merge them all.


Added are some snips of my assembly and parts. 



Re: Mass export of PDFs from TC or NX

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Siemens Phenom

I handled something like this by writing a WF that exports the sheets from Teamcenter and runs a script that converts them to PDF and merges them into one PDF at the end.  I did a presentation on this back in 2009 at PLM World Conference: Creating PDF Files Using OOTB Tools




Larry Carpenter, P.E.
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Re: Mass export of PDFs from TC or NX


I solved it by creating new sheets within the drafting mode, copying the contents of the old drawings into the new sheets and using sort by alphabetical order. Followed by making sure every name started with something like A1, A2 etc. I can't get the sheet numbers to follow the same order though.