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Mechatronics Concept Designer with PLCSSIM




Is there a way to use Mechatronics Concept Designer (OPC External Controller) with S7-PLCSIM V13  ? 


I Have tried to make a project with Tia Portal 13 and started simulation, but NX does not find the  OPC Server. My OPC Server is set up with Siemens Communication Settings. ( COML S7 Connection)


Re: Mechatronics Concept Designer with PLCSSIM

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Hey Makro,


the Mechatronics Concept Designer currently only supports OPC DA Version 2.0 and 3.0 (OPC UA is currently not supported and has to be tunneled).


Please check what OPC Interface and version you use.

Are you able to connect and see the tags with other OPC DA Clients like SIMIT, OPC Scout, Matrikon, or Process Simulator for example?


Is everything operating on one computer or is MCD and PLCSim or the OPC Server on different computers, if that is the case you have to setup "DCOM Settings" in Windows what is really not a nice thing to do...


By the way SIMIT and Process Simulator have a direct Interface to PLCSIM V5.x but unfortunate no PLCSIM V11+ (S7-1200 and S7-1500).


I hope that helps for the moment.


Best regards,


Re: Mechatronics Concept Designer with PLCSSIM


Can you provide me help for kep server?