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Method for creating binder and addendum from scanned data?


I received some Scanned data that I need to create a binder and addendum from.

The data came in surfaced, not faceted like I was expecting. I've cut some sections with the intent of rebuilding and extending the outer edges and recreating a real blend and flange surface. but its not working so well.


I'm working in NX 11. attached is a section of the part as I cannot share the whole part on a public forum.


any suggestions? 


edited to add math attachment.



Rob Newcomb, Design and Engineering manager
Elmhirst Industries, Specializing in Prototype sheet metal stampings and assemblies

Production: NX 12.0.2 / Autoform r8 /WorkNC 2020.0
Testing:NX 1855
PC: Rave Cadbeast: Intel(R) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.GHz /32gb ram /NVIDIA Quadro P2000 on Win10 Pro