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Migration form Solid Edge ST9 to NX 11 or 12 - questions.




In a short time in our company we will partial migrate from Solid Edge ST9 to NX 11 or 12, some users will still stay witch Solid Edge. Now we are working in Teamcenter (PDM only) enviroment.

I know that NX are reading SE parts, sheets and assemblies but what with draft files and FOPs?
In Teamcenter object have an unique ID number, I whont to save this number in NX file, is this possible ?
Is NX have some tool to migrate unmenaged documentacon to Teamcenter ?

Have you some tips for me about migration form Solid Edge to NX in Teamcenter, please shere it with me.

Thanks and regards.

SE ST9 + TC 10.1.7

Re: Migration form Solid Edge ST9 to NX 11 or 12 - questions.


We also migrated from SE to NX/TC. I am happy how NX opens SE data, but obviously there are some problems:

  • NX cant open SE drawings.
  • SE assembly features are imported as bodies in the assembly but NX keeps showing the bodies from the part. I think the correct translation would be create promoted bodies but I guess this is quite difficult to implement.
  • When opening SE assemblies with NX I cant select the template for the new files created. This is a problem because we have customized templates for the files we create in NX with some data/characteristics so files imported havent that. I think this should be easy to improve for NX.
  • NX doesnt import SE parts that have only surfaces (some purchased parts whose 3D files where imported from step filed that didnt contain solid bodies). I think NX should let user to decide if import surfaces when SE file has no solid bodies because we are losing some data if we dont "manually" look for every part to be properly translated.

We usually "translate" the assemblies with NX native, clean/repair them and finally we import assemblies from NX native to TC. Once in TC we replace purchased part from the ones in our TC library in order to keep just one file for each part and not duplicate them. Then we delete the imported purchased files. This can be also done while importing this method would be probably quicker but we think we control better what we are doing by doing it afterwards in 3D environment so we move possition and replace constraints if needed. At the moment we import the files to TC we rename this purchased part in order to quickly identify them afterwards. This is just our method, other methods can be better for your company.


When importing a .par file, NX creates a intelligent feature linked to the original SE part, so if you modify SE part you can update later on NX. I think this may be helpful, but we are not using this feature and modifing the NX file with synchronous commands instead.