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Mirror assembly:NX11



Mirror assembly in NX11 results in linear pattern!!!!!


Recently upgraded to NX11. Reuse and repostion resulting in body copied to certain distance insted of mirroing. My objective is to get part mirrored and linked to the main body. Non-associative mirror is happening here. But I couldnot select Associative option even if part is being selected. Tried alternative solution in mirror assembly wizard.

All went well in NX10. Anybody has suggestions,please let me know.c.JPG


Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Devraj_Mendon,


You should have had two options: Associative Mirror and Non-Associative Mirror, both which allow Reuse and Reposition.  Either method should provide you with Alternate Solutions.  Was the Associative Mirror option completely greyed out for you, or only once you had selected Non Associative Mirror?


Can you record your steps using the Movie command in NX and post them?


Regards, Ben

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Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

There are actually four options when in the Mirror Assembly Wizard.


When you select an assembly to mirror, the individual components can be:

  • Mirrored associatively
  • Mirrored non-associatively
  • Reused and repositioned
  • Excluded

The default option is "Reuse and Reposition" because this is the least computationally intensive, but if your part is not symmetric, then it will not likely provide the desired result.  Either of the two Mirror options should provide a geometric mirror of the geometry which sounds like the options that you are interested in.

Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Hi BenBroad,


I have tried mirroring assembly which has 4 parts in it. You can see the attached video where I have taken dumb models to explore this(Working model is confidential, sorry!!!!). This model is just for movie purpose. Here in this video the parts are mirroring properly.In working model, when I mirror part: the alternative solutions will not yield the result I wanted.  You can see the associvity option , that is similar to my working model.


I'm not facing any issue if I mirror single part.

Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Thank you Benbroad,


I have tried mirroring single component without any sub-assemblies. In that case, associative and non-associative options are highlighting. However component with subassemblies will have this problem. You can see the attached video where I have used the dummy solids to show the steps. You can notice that associative option is not highlighting and part mirrored has 6 alternative solutons. I could get the mirror solution as I expected here in dummy solids but not in working model(Too Confidentil to upload!!!)



Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter



In your video, you are selecting "Reuse and Reposition".  This is the only option that allows the 6 different orientations.


It works in your example because the component is symetric about the XY plane.


After selecting the component from the treelist in the wizard, choose one of the "mirror" options (associative or non-associative) to get the behavior that you want.


Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Hi Kevin,

Many thanks for the reply.

As you can see from the previous video, those options are not highlighting for the part having sub-assembly. Single part will have that options.
Attached is the video, showing both the ways the part getting mirrored.
1.Model1 having no subassemblies- Mirror wizard highlighting associative and non-associative option
2. 1 having model 1 as subassembly- Mirror wizard highlighting only non-associative option


Thank you,

Re: Mirror assembly:NX11

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hi Devraj,


When you are reflecting a subassembly, each component of the subassembly can have a different operation.


Once you have selected the subassembly to reflect and you have selected the mirror plane in the wizard, then you can select each component individually or multiple components to apply the operation type.


In your case, select "model1" instead of selecting the subassembly if you want the "model1" component to be associative or non-associatively mirrored.


The subassembly "as a whole" could be "reused and repositioned" in which case the individual components of the subassembly cannot be controlled independently or, if the subassembly is non-associatively mirrored, each component in the subassembly can be selected to "reuse and reposition", "mirror associatively", "mirror non-associatively", or "excluded".


Hope this helps.