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Model View Update

I have a model with an associated set of drawings that my customer wants me to rotate in model space 110 about the central axis.  There are no changes in the geometry, but when I do this, all of my model views will blow up - is there a way to prevent this from happening?  My drawing package is complete and I would hate to have to re-do a bunch of drawing views.


Thanks in advance!



Re: Model View Update

Define "blow up".  Do they just go out of date, or is the orientation in them now incorrect?


If it's the orientation, you can edit that, by selecting the view, edit, and the use the Orient View Tool.  I'd start with your main view (the first one you placed).  Others may or may not play along well (depends on creation method/orientation), but you should be able to reorient as needed.

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Re: Model View Update

They will go out of date and when you update the drawing the part is no longer oriented correctly which affects section views detail views, part, assemblies, etc. so it's fair bit of work to add very little value and unfortunately I'm stuck in the middle.

Re: Model View Update

Do they want the drawing to reflect the rotation or do they only want the model rotated in model space?


If you are using the master model method (model added as a component to the drawing file), the orientation of the model can be independent of the the orientation used on the drawing. For instance, if the part is modeled in "assembly space" which happens to be at some odd angle, you could orient the part as desired in the drawing file to get the desired front view without affecting the actual part geometry.

Re: Model View Update

Just the model rotated in model space.  Drawings would look pretty much the same irregardless of rotation.

Re: Model View Update

So I've managed to make arrangements work, but the issue I have is that I need the drawings to use a different arrangement than the model as a default.  IE the drawings would use the non rotated arrangement and the model should default to the rotated arrangement.


Any ideas?

Re: Model View Update

Re: Model View Update

I was thinking of using constraints rather than arrangements. I posted a sample some time back in the following thread:


See my post timestamped: 26 Feb 15 17:46 (it is near the end of the thread)

Re: Model View Update

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That was my question in ENG-Tips and since we are not using MMT, I couldn’t find an appropriate solution.

Sadly, the only solution I found is to redo the drawing.

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