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Model views give only Flat-Pattern ?


I have a 2(two) files

  1. Is the part file
  2. Is the drawing file .dwg
  • When I try to insert a regular base view of the part it only gives the Flat-Pattern ? (rotated in many ways see photo 2)
  • Is the file corrupted what can I do ?


Flat-pattern bug.png




Re: Model views give only Flat-Pattern ?

Can you please share the sample part file, so that it would be helpful to have clear understanding of this problem. 

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Re: Model views give only Flat-Pattern ?

Did you check all your model views in modeling?
how are the showing when you open the .prt file in the modeling application?
if you double click the model view is it then also showing the flatt pattern?

Ruud van den Brand
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‎02-06-2017 06:01 AM

Re: Model views give only Flat-Pattern ?

It almost looks like you're trying to insert a "projected view" from a "flat pattern view" and then you will also see things like you're showing.

I just checked that in NX10, and that's not even possible anymore; Flat Pattern Views cannot be selected for creating a projected view.  But maybe you still could in NX9.


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