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Modeling for stages of manufacturing

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Hello All,

If I need to produce models and drawings of each stage of machining for a single component, what would be a good workflow in NX?

I would probably have the finish model design to start with. I have use both a de-featuring workflow and a linked part file workflow in other systems.

I would like all the operations to be associative so if I change OP2 it is reflected in all subsequent operations.

My first thought was to use an assembly and theWAVE linker.

Anyone have a successful workflow they would like to share?


Re: Modeling for stages of manufacturing


Proper NX workflow would be using assemblies and the wave geometry linker like you stated.


So Cast Model > Machining model(s) > Assembly model(s)


It will retain associativity through all the steps

Re: Modeling for stages of manufacturing


Hi @JasonTitcomb,

there are two solutions :

  1. Weave geometry linker
  2. Promote body

All are associative. Wave is more robust, but you have to adopt some strategies to avoid doubling weight and visualization of the cast in upper level or in drawings.

Thank you...

Using NX1876
RuleDesigner PDM