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Modified part not updating in assembly ?

Hello (In assembly)

One model in assembly is not showing/updating properly... I modified it the same way like 3 other models in the same assembly...

  • Inside the model everything show OK.(I have only used "Normal cuts".)
  • but inside the assembly only contours of "Normal cut" can be seen and no real change ?

Updating problems.png


Re: Modified part not updating in assembly ?

[ Edited ]

Fixed: In part there were:

  1. Body 0 (I deleted this one)
  2. Body 1

Why 2 bodies ? These "someone else made" assemblies and parts are very odd and cause problems.

two bodies .jpg

Re: Modified part not updating in assembly ?

Some people tend to work top down, and use some of the older functions (for example export) to copy the body out to another file, and forget to delete the original.  Best to use new component these days when taking a rough top down assy initially built in one file and breaking it down into constituent components.