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Moment of inertia Help!!


Hey everyone,


I have literally tried everything to get the 'Area Momemnt of Inertia' of the cross section of my part and nothing has worked thus far. I honestly don't understand it anymore. This is such an easy problem but every forum thread I've read leads me to a dead end...


Here's my part, the end cross section face (highlighted in yellow) is the cross section I am trying to find the Area Moment of Inertia and about the X-Axis (see the WCS):




Yes I have tried "Analysis > Section Inertia" function, but when I do I get this:



which appears incorrect because if I am reading it right, it says that I_x = 1...


Yes I have tried "Analysis > Advanced Mass Properties > Area using Curves" function but I get this:




which is obviously wrong because everything is ZERO.


And I even tried going through this whole tutorial (attached pdf file) but I believe the numbers are WRONG because NX is defining its own axis (not about the WCS)...


So I was hoping somebody can shed some light on this relatively easy problem. Yes I know I could do it by hand but I want to check it via NX..


Please I need some guidance here.. Maybe step by step seeing as how I am incapable Smiley Sad


Thank you!!!



Re: Moment of inertia Help!!


"Section Inertia" command does what it says, but only around centroid of the section.

Then using "Area using Curves" you have to draw your section in such a way that it would project onto XC-YC plane. Yours goes onto XC-ZC.

Good luck