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More Assembly Constraint behavior

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Can someone please explain some constraint behavior that I have trouble understanding the logic/reasoning for how NX operates?  Specifically for this post:

1st - why does there have to be a difference in align or tough when referencing an axis when assembling a bolt or other cylindrical component?  I know there is preferred touch, as well, but does the direction of the axis really have to make that much of a difference?  I've just dealt with another CAD software that the direction of the axis didn't matter.  As long as the axis was selected, it could deal with it. (Intuitive - user friendly).  With NX, the constraint will fail and I'll have to switch the constraint from touch or align.


2nd - when assembling two parts to each other, it would be nice if NX could figure out that it would make more logical sense for two "solid" parts to actually be assembled next to each other instead of in each other (as shown in the screenshot).  I know there is the "prefer touch" option, but that seems to have more trouble when axis are also used to make another constraint. 


What prompted this post is that I was trying to assemble one bushing into a hole.  I noticed in the constraint navigator that several components constraints had flaked out - were showing as in having a problem.  All I had to do was to change one constraint for an axis from "tough" to "align" and the problems cleared up.  If NX didn't have a problem with axis direction, it seems like that would be at least one thing with NX constraints that would make it easier to deal with.  Thanks

constraint confusion.GIF


Re: More Assembly Constraint behavior

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Maybe if the programmers who wrote the code for NX had to use it for a dedicated period of time, then some drastic changes would be made.  I've had different people on posts that I've added say that NX constraints are primative.  It's very frustrating to fight to work around situations in NX assembly constraints that are very very basic simple tasks in another CAD software.  Do the NX constraints get any better in later versions?

I at least now understand why co-workers would kind of just dump components next to each other instead of trying to get exact placement.  Initial placement looks OK, but making modifications or changes is difficult.