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Mould creation of a part from an .stl file (molding a convergent body)




I am new to mould creation and unfortunately unable to even start since no object is recognized when initializing the project.


Since the part I need to mould was given to me from an .stl file, I have converted the body from facet to convergent. How can I convert the part to a body type that can be recognized by the mould wizard? Or alternatively, how can I convert the convergent body to a solid body?


Thank you¡






Re: Mould creation of a part from an .stl file (molding a convergent body)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @AAlberto,


There are various commands in NX that allow you to convert stl data to geometry that Moldwizard will recognize.  Obviously converting a simple part with many planar surfaces is going to be much quicker that a part consisting of complex 3D surfaces.  Therefore, depending on the complexity of the geometry, it would well worth your time to ask the supplier of the stl file if they can provide the data in a different format, such as STEP, IGES or Parasolid.  


That said, please refer to the following post which asks a similar question:

Import and work with STL file


Regards, Ben