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Multiple Lines in one cell

Hey All,


New here and have a quick question, in NX10 I'm trying to update the title block and need to add the company location under the company name. I want to do this in the same cell but can't figure out the modifier to give me a carrage return. I tried COMPANY NAME <BR> (like HTML) but that didn't work. I looked in the Command Finder and couldnt find anything useful. I don't want to open it in a spread sheet as thats a little over kill. A google search has been fruitless. Any one know here I can find a list of cell modifiers I can save for referance? 


Thank you for the help.


Re: Multiple Lines in one cell

You can only do it when it's at the tabular note stage, before adding to or when it's removed from a title block. Right click in the tabular note cell and choose Edit --> Text. You can then use the note editor to put in a new line.
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Re: Multiple Lines in one cell

When programming in C++, I can force a line break by using "\n" in the string

Not sure how this translates to interactively filling in the value

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