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NX 10 PMI 3D Drawings Notes


Hi everyone,


I am working with 3d PMIs in NX 10. I have an assembly with few sub-assemblies. Since I work in a company a lot of these sub-assys are not in my owndership, so when they get updated they create new baslines or new revisions. Once I replace old revision with the new one, I loose all the references, notes, balloons and so on. And some of the changes on the models are minimum like no changes in design just change of material, or if it is a design change it's a model got 1mm longer or something like that, and i still loose a lot of references. Sometimes I have to select that NOTE is conected to 150 objects, and then when a new revison comes up I have to select those 150 or more objects again. It's a huge waste of time. Is there a reason for this happening ? Is there a way to prevent it ? What is the best practise for these kind of things ?


Thank you all


Re: NX 10 PMI 3D Drawings Notes

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Are you wave linking PMI from sub assembly/child parts to root assembly part or creating PMI directly in root part. It will depend upon how you are creating those. It would be great if you provide some snaps or sample part file.

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Re: NX 10 PMI 3D Drawings Notes




THanks for responding. I don't think it is wave linking. Here is the most simple one I had so far. So in picture 1 and 2 you will see the notes breaking. and 3 pic is in the design tree. So it's just PMI assy and we added the part in it. So I don't think there is any wave linking. Sorry for making some things black i had to because of the company.