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NX 10 Raytracing a car rendering


Hello fellow NX users,

I have heard a lot about the new rendering module in NX 10, especially the new raytraced studio. Having just migrated from 8.5, this really looks like a big enhancement. Having worked with 3DMax in the past to render projects once they were completely finished (because of the painstaking export import process) I'm very keen to try the new rendering possibilities in NX.

I have made a few first renderings using raytraced studio of a car that I have designed and co-developed, called the RoadKart. Here is a link to some of the results:

First impressions: NOT BAD! I did have to up the colors in Gimp to add more contrast but I'm quite impressed with the textures. Just look at that carbon! Also some of the details come out really nicely, like the headlights. These are elements that usually take a lot of time to get it right, this is really not bad for a first draft.

Untill now I have mainly worked on the materials, the scene itself is out of the box. I just added one light and selected a setting. I have fiddled a little with the lighting, but I haven't really noticed any big difference. Knowing that there are several rendering modes in NX, I would like to know what is the best way to control the lighting in Ray Traced Studio. I know that there are predefined scenes, but as far as I can tell they only influence the True Shading display? Since the documentation is rather limited on the rendering module I'm hoping to learn from the "best practice"" that some of you might have...If not then let's use this thread to define one! =)

On thing I have noticed is that the floor plane is not being rendered correctly. I have modified its offset in the Scene Settings so that it crosses through the bottom part of the tires, just a few centimeters to "ground" the car. In the current renderings this effect is not visible. I have no idea why, maybe the rendering module does not like intersecting geometry?


I have added some more images to test a few things. I have removed the carbon fibre material temporarily to speed up the rendering process while I'm looking for the right settings. These last four images are unedited and I think the colours look much better and there is more contrast as well.

I have modeled a physical floor underneath the car and I think this is a big improvement. I just could not get this result with the environment floor plane so I disabled it.

I have also set the shadows to high contrast and upped the gamma setting. The last two images are without any light with the option "use with ray traced image based lighting, the two before are with the scene top light with this option enabled. The scene top light is the only active light in the scene. Overall it looks nice, although I have no idea where the strange reflection above the rear wheel comes from...


Any critics & comments are welcome!


Re: NX 10 Raytracing a car rendering



good work.

I'm interesting to see a video of how you have set your NX rendering.

Thank you...

Using NX11 and NX1847
RuleDesigner PDM