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NX 10 Surfacing G2 continuity help needed

Hi all,


At the moment im drawing a rubber wristband in surfacing.

Lately i am having difficulty getting G2 continuity between surfacing. Although all features can do G2 and don't give errors, the end result ( face analysis - reflection ) show strange things between the surfaces 

I tried already a lot of different ways to solve this but still didnt get it working how it should.



I even tried to see how i could solve this problem by only drawing a small part of the wristband and even here with several features i didnt manage to get this G2 between surfaces

- 2 surfaces where 1 is G2 to the other, reflection shows strange things between the 2.

- Create 1 big surface at once, surface doesnt follow the curves at all and weird reflections

- draw half the surface to mirror it, still didnt work


It's important that the shape is following all the curves.

Attached I put the small part file. Anyone that can show me how to solve this?


Re: NX 10 Surfacing G2 continuity help needed

try this please and let us know.



Re: NX 10 Surfacing G2 continuity help needed



Thanks for your reply.


I checked the file and still see some things when i do a surface continuity analysis where appearently G1 and G2 is not perfect. See image below.Not G2 surface.PNG

Re: NX 10 Surfacing G2 continuity help needed


Is there any specific tolerance  you seek for G2?

For tighter tolerances you need to break the transition surface in more than one patches.