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NX 11.0.1 Extract - Associativity off


I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's been fixed but I find the dialog behavior I'm about to describe quite odd.


I've got a model in which I'm rolling back to an earlier feature and attempting to use Extract -> Region of Faces with Associativity turned OFF.  I'm not interested in WAVE linking or associativity - I just want a single body with multiple faces and I don't want to have to use remove parameters (just a wasted step when I can turn off the Associative option).


So, I define the Region and when I uncheck the Associativity button, the Fix at Current Timestamp checkbox disappears.  Then when I press OK I get a message that Fix at Current Timestamp needs to be turned on.

NX1101 Extract.pngNX 11.0.1 Message
















What gives - I can't turn it on.  Shouldn't the default "logic" be that it's already ON whether it's shown or not?  This isn't going to end up being a feature other than a Body so what does it matter where a dumb body sits in the Model Navigator????


Re: NX 11.0.1 Extract - Associativity off

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @TimF,


I was able to reproduce this in NX 11.0.1 and NX 11.0.2, but not in NX 12.0.0 nor NX 12.0.1.  So this appears to have been corrected.



I think I see where the problem occurred.  The dialog changed between NX 10 and NX 11 such that in NX 11 when Associative is unchecked the Fix at Current Timestamp checkbox disappears.  In NX 10 this option was checked by default and unchecking Associative greyed out the Fix at Current Timestamp option (whether it was checked or not).  Starting NX 11, Fix at Current Timestamp is not checked by default.  So it appears that this change may have introduced a minor regression, which has been corrected in NX 12.


Regards, Ben

Re: NX 11.0.1 Extract - Associativity off

Thanks, Ben - appreciate your time and effort.