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NX 11: Automated fabric creation for varying geometries


Hi everyone,


we are using Siemens NX11 and trying to set up a workflow where flat fabrics are automatically created from a 3D surface.


NX has a very useful feature called "fabric flat pattern". However, the feature is not saved in the feature tree. So, every time the underlying geometry changes, the fabric flat pattern feature has to be re-executed manually.


Here is my question: What is your suggested "best practice" to automate the process of fabric creation for surfaces that are slightly varied? Journal scripting? Programming in NXOpen? Different PLM product like fiber sim?


Thank you very much for your answer in advance.






Re: NX 11: Automated fabric creation for varying geometries

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The best (but probably slowest) to do this is to submit an IR/ER to Siemens requesting that the existing functionality be made associative.


I'm not sure if fiber sim would be better or not (I've never used it, so I just don't know - you'll have to test for yourself)


Short term...

Is there API support for the "manual" execution of this function?  Try recording a journal, or seeing if there is something in the Solutions database.

*If* there *is* API support, in theory you could use a (older technology) UDO, or a (newer technology) "Custom feature" to link the flat pattern to the source geometry, and any time the source geometry changes, update the flat pattern.

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