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NX 11 Initialization Error


After installing NX 11 from my university when I try to run it I get the Initialization error "This processor is too old and not supported any more." I have an AMD Phenom II X4 964 Black Edition processor. Looking through the forums here I found a post ( and I am in the same situation as the original poster Alyssa. My processor supports SSE3 but I am still getting the error and I do not know how to use the graphics certifications changelog to help myself as RonY suggests.


If this isn't some odd error and my processor is not supported, where can I find the specifications for what processors would not be "too old?" I cannot find much online about this pertaining to processors.


Re: NX 11 Initialization Error

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Hi @krshiver,


The Hardware (Graphics Card) Certifications matrix has a tab titled "Supported Systems".  With a little research, this should help you identify which processors are installed in those systems.  You could also consider contacting the GTAC NX Systems Support group (option 2,1,1,1 on the GTAC North America Phone Menu) who field calls related to the system requirements for NX.


Regards, Ben

Re: NX 11 Initialization Error

Even though the AMD Phenom II supports SSE3, NX 11 and beyond wont work on it.
I had the same issue with my personal laptop AMD Phenom II X3.

As far as helping your self with the supported systems tab on the graphics certification table, you'll have to look up a bunch of systems listed on there and see what processor they use.

I ended up getting myself a Dell T5500 and a Dell M4700 off of the Dell outlet store last year for about $300 each, so I could run NX offsite from work,
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