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NX 11 MCD: Data export


Hello PLM Community,


our project team has designed a test rig/test device for transportation, separating and welding of cans.


What i have done so far:

- exporting the parts and assembly (NX10 and Teamcenter)

- import the files in NX 11 (native)

- creating rigid bodys and collision bodys

- defining the joints, sensor and actuators

- using the sequence editor to define the tasks and condition objects

- using the signal adapter to combine multiple conditions (e.g. limit switch a =true & collision sensor b =true)


The Problem:

- the software department would like to import the data in twincat 3 in order to develop the software, i used RMB -> Export PLCopen XML, but that does not work properly. It looks more like a blank page.

In the end it should look like figure 102 on page 96 in the MCD_Quick_Start guide. I hoped that i could export a sequence diagram.


Do i need additional software or do i have to set up the operations in a different way?


Best regards



Re: NX 11 MCD: Data export to TwinCat




I tried the PLCopen Editor and i got a sequence diagram as desired. But the problem is that the conditions for the transition from one step to another are missing. The only conditions that are being displayed are that the previous task is done (i attached a screenshot).


I wonder if the conditions in the sequence editor have to be set up in a specific way to be displayed in the PLCopen Editor...


Could anybody give me a hint?


Best regards