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NX 11 Pattern Feature


I am attempting to pattern a feature along a Helix. The feature slowly rotates and I can not figure out a way to fix the orientation in the correct manner. I tried creating instances in hopes of being able to "clock" and reorientate each individual instance but I only get the options surperess or delete the instance. Any ideas? 


Re: NX 11 Pattern Feature


I know there's an Orientation section in the pattern along curve option where it would either follow a face or stay normal to the path. The normal to the path would appear as if it were rotating since the path is curling around. You can also switch the Method from Simple to Variational and include the section orientation to force the feature to keep a particular orientation.


In the attached model below if you click on each instance for either pattern (Normal or Follow Face) you should see the options to also adjust the clocking for each feature independently. If you use the Pattern Feature Helix that option does not provide a clock option. You'll need to create the helix first, reference the feature to it, then pattern it along that helix curve. The attached model contains several examples as groups for each of the above mentioned options.