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NX 11 and TC 11 memory RAM recommendation ?



I have been using NX and TC now for 2 years and in large assemblies 500-700 parts it constantly freezes the ugraf.exe process. Not responding.

I have 16gb RAM. Company has these old 2014 laptops Zbook15: i7(4th) 4800MQ, K2100M.


How much RAM do you people use ? 32gb ?

I think the company laptop is underpowered for purpose... :-(


Wish they would buy better like high-end desktops and not laptops.


Re: NX 11 and TC 11 memory RAM recommendation ?


We run 32 Gig and 16 gigs of ram here, in HP workstations.  We also run SSD for hard drives, also nividi quadro k4000 graphics cards.  We are running a i7-4790 at 3.60 GHz.


Usually when we see NX repsond slowly, it is  due to Graphic card limitations, not RAM.  We can replicate the slow down on both 16, and 32 gig computers.



Re: NX 11 and TC 11 memory RAM recommendation ?

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Honored Contributor

Going on a bit of a tangent...   @sdeters  any unusual graphics issues with the k4000 card?  and what driver are you using?  I have one user with this card, the rest are using K4200.  The user with the K4000 has issues with high lighting "sticking", where they have to run part cleanup to un high light a lot.  He's gone thru a lot of different video drivers.  Those of us using the K4200 are all working fine with the 377.11 driver.



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Re: NX 11 and TC 11 memory RAM recommendation ?


I am having issues with this card,  First big issue is exporting and Importing stp files.  Since I am also using 3Ds Max, I need to have the latest Nividia driver for this card.  There are some new feature in 3Ds Max which needs this latest driver.  Forgot what it is at the current time. 


This stp file import/export seems to be fixed in NX12, Not in NX11.


They have been pretty good cards for us, not many issues.


Other than that, other issue include, In NX, Displaying dialogue boxes on your second monitor, the icons in the dialouge boxes do not show up.  When I move these boxes to the primary monitor the icons start to show up. 


the driver I am running now, which I would not reccomend is 391.33 .  I did roll back to this one, But 3Ds max does not like this driver.  It seems to work the best for us.


Is the user running NX on the user Primary monitor, or on the secondary monitor?  I always mention to our users to run NX on your primary display.  Seems to be a little bit more robust.




Re: NX 11 and TC 11 memory RAM recommendation ?


Running 2 pcs 24" external displays through a docking station on 2014 HP ZBook15 G2.


Mobile laptop's K5100M is the best card for the series. The K2100M is the 3rd worst.
The problem with ICT-people is that they don't understand the need for top performing machines.
For home use I always buy the fastest processors and graphic cards.
When at work I need to settle for something that is 1/4 of the speed of home computer :-(