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NX 11 license error

I have inherited a license server, and I am currently working with a user who is unable to launch UG NX11 from two computers, however, the user is able to launch older versions of the application without a problem.  We have updated the license file but trying to read through the file is not very easy.  He is getting an error "License Server machine is down or not responding.  Check that SPLM_License_SErver is set correctly. [-96].  I can see from the LMUTIL that other users are checking out licenses (I think for UG NX11).


any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Re: NX 11 license error

Did you upgrade the license server software itself?

Typically new NX versions require both new license server software, AND a new license file.


Did you look on the *license server* log file (typically ugslmd.log) on the license server, to make sure the client was talking to the correct server?



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Re: NX 11 license error

The client is able to connect with older versions (NX 10, NX 9) from the same computer, so I am thinking this may be our license file, although we received a new one 4 months ago.  I can't seem to track down a release date for NX 11.

Re: NX 11 license error

NX 11 came out in the August time frame.

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Re: NX 11 license error

Ahhh, Thanks, DaveK!  That may be the problem, our license file is from July!