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NX 11: ray trayced studio - processing geometry issue




The ray traced studio with Iray+ in NX11 is great, except that it takes very long time to process the geometry before the actual raytracing. For a standard assembly with 25 parts it takes 1 minute before the raytracing starts, which is too long, especially when 95% of the time I just want a quick check to see the appearance of the product before continuing the modeling. 


What I've found is that for parts with lots of detail, for example patterns with blends, the geometry processing takes longer. If I only modify a single part, ALL parts are still processed when starting the ray tracing, which is a waste of time. Other GPU rendering software don't take more than 1-2 seconds before starting the rendering.


What does the "Processing Geometry" phase actually do? Does it create a mesh of all parts to be rendered? Can you set it to ONLY process the part that's actually modified? Why does NX take so long compared with others? What can I do to make this faster?




Re: NX 11: ray trayced studio - processing geometry issue

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Have you tried to set the processing to the bronze or silver level? These are faster then the gold level for greating the images and give you a good idea what is going to happen for the final render.




Re: NX 11: ray trayced studio - processing geometry issue


The raytracing in NX consists of two stages:

1. Processing geometry

2. Rendering


I'm speaking about the first stage. The medals only affect the rendering stage. You can tell by looking at the status bar.

Re: NX 11: ray trayced studio - processing geometry issue

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi @JRW,


Thanks for your interest in NX 11 Ray Traced Studio.


As you suspected, "Processing Geometry" during launch of Ray Traced Studio can be generating facets if "Advanced Visualization Views" facets are not already available.   We appreciate your feedback about only processing modified geometry.  We're working to optimize this facet processing and aim to have enhancements in an upcoming release.  In the meantime a couple of ways that you can save time going to Ray Traced Studio in NX 11 -


  1. If you're launching Ray Traced Studio while your work view is set to e.g. Shaded rendering style your best bet is to first set your work view to Advanced Studio rendering mode prior to launching Ray Traced Studio. 
  2. You may already have your view set to Advanced Studio when you are launching Ray Traced Studio, especially if you are using the Studio Task Environment.  If this is the case, then you can make use of "facet caching" for parts (note that you will have to make sure you generate the facets once before you save the part) -

Visualization Performance Preferences, General Graphics tab, Part Settings group: Save Advanced Display Facets


Hope this helps.




Patti Longwinter | NX Product Manager
Digital Factory Division
Siemens PLM Software Inc.

Re: NX 11: ray trayced studio - processing geometry issue


Hi Patti, thank you for you reply.


Yes, I have the shading mode set to "shading with edges" before starting the raytracing. In this situation it takes 60 seconds to create the facets. Following your solution with changing the shading mode to "advanced studio display" before starting the raytracing takes 10 + 14 seconds to create the facets, so a saving of 36 seconds.


I'm looking forwards to the improvements in the NX raytracing!