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NX 12 - Installation Fail



I just tried to upgrade to NX 12 (I am currently working in NX 10). I tried the installation procedure a couple of times, with scarce results. 


the launch.exe application in the top directory does not work (nothing happens). I tried to launch the setup.exe inside the nx120 folder and the whole installation procedure went smoothly. However, after the reboot, there is no sign of NX 12 (everything is as before). 


What I am doing wrong? 


Re: NX 12 - Installation Fail


I just read that NX 12 does not support Windows 7. I think that's the main problem. 


I'll leave this message here in case it's useful for someone else. 


@moderators: please remove the whole discussion if you judge it useless. 

Re: NX 12 - Installation Fail

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I just installed NX 12 on Win7 with no problem. I don't know what your issue could be.  SPLM has Win7 listed as "LS" in their matrix which means limited support.

Larry Carpenter, P.E.
CAxPLM Architect @ Siemens Molecular Imaging
Past Board Member @ PLM World, Inc,

Re: NX 12 - Installation Fail

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Did you run the installation program as an administrator? Sometimes things don't install correctly if you don't have elevated permissions.

Re: NX 12 - Installation Fail

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Siemens Legend



As @LarryCarpenter said, a Win 7 install should still work.


I'm going to agree with what @cowski1 suggested to you.


I have seen that if an IT group has set Group Security Policy in certain ways, you need to use the Elevated mode as he suggested (aka "Run as Admin"). This happened to me with a new Win 10 laptop and have heard similar from other users.



Re: NX 12 - Installation Fail


Ciao @FrancescoB,


another problem could be the installation language that must be English.

This should not be confused with NX language, setting with the system variabile UGII_LANG=.......



Re: NX 12 - Installation Fail

Thanks for all the advices.

I did run the installation in English.

I run the installation as an administrator.

What puzzles me is that after the reboot there is no trace of installation, not even a single file. There are no error message during the installation procedure and everything seems to have worked well, until the reboot.

I'll try one more time, just in case.