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Does anyone know if  light weight section planes are editable?

Would like ot be able to revise sections rather than re-cut them if there is a math change.

any info would be great


Re: NX 9 PMI

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Yes, the planes are editable to a point.


Here is the NX9 Help Documentation regarding this:


Lightweight Section View optional functionality
  • You can associate section view planes with geometry.

    In that case, section views adjust when associated geometry is moved.

  • You can add a cap to bodies cut by a section view.

  • You can apply crosshatching to the cap area of bodies cut by a section view.

    Crosshatch patterns can be directly specified, or can be inferred from materials assigned to the cut bodies.

  • You can display and save the curves created by the intersection of the section planes with selected geometry.

    You can add PMI objects to a lightweight section view by attaching their display instances to the curves.

  • You can create PMI lightweight section view cutting plane symbols.

    As with other PMI objects, you can control the display of the symbols in model views. The symbols enable you to predict what the model looks like in the lightweight section view without having to switch to the view.