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NX 9 and 10 Title bar


Hello all! We are running managed NX 9 through Teamcenter 9 for production purposes. We are also running NX 10 natively with a CAM hot fix for Tube Machining. When our guys switch between 9 and 10, the title bar reads NX 9 regardless of version. How can we get both versions to read correctly?

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Re: NX 9 and 10 Title bar

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The simplest explanation for that symptom is that NX 10 is loading data from an NX 9 directory, specifically one or more menu files (.men extension). This is most likely due to having one or more environment variables established pointing at NX 9 directories at all times.


I would start by examining a log file from NX 10 and search for unexpected occurrences of the NX 9 installation directories appearing in the log file. Hopefully the log file will show the offending environment variable (possibly something like UGII_GROUP_DIR).that is still referring to NX 9.


Another thing to suspect is that there is an unintended directory added to the file defined by the

UGII_CUSTOM_DIRECTORY_FILE environment variable in NX 10.


HTH, Joe 

Re: NX 9 and 10 Title bar

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

My first test would be to run NX "as installed" and see f the issue is there (or in your customized environment). 

Make sure there are no OS level ENVs (UGII_SITE_DIR or whatever, but UGII_BASE_DIR and UGII_ROOT_DIR should be OK).


i.e. Start -> All programs -> Siemens NX 9.0 -> NX9.0


Start -> All programs -> Siemens NX 10.0 -> NX10.0


If those run "correctly", then the problem is with your customizations (as Joe said)

If those both show NX9, then there is a problem with the installed files.

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