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NX 9 running slow


I have nx9.0 basic version with academic perpetual licenses (30 Licenses).I have installed license on server machine.

But problem is when I open NX on client machine it is opening very slow and also Nx is running very slow.

Many times nx not opening and showing licensing error eventhogh every thing configured correctly.

What could be the reason?

any suggestions?


Re: NX 9 running slow

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Have you looked in the syslog?


If NX opens:

File -> Help -> Log file

At the very top, it lists the location of the log file

(typically this is in the folder specified by the ENV variable TMP)


(edited the following line)

If NX does NOT open, look in the folder specified by TMP for files like

(your username)(gibberish).syslog


e.g. if your username is "rahul", it might be "rahul10c8735a.syslog"


See if there are any errors or whatever

if you want to post here, remove the info "Licensing Information" section near the top:


************** Licensing Information **************

Remove the stuff in this section
 Server ID : ...



If you are having trouble with the license server, and assuming you IT group allows "ping", you can try pinging your license server.  (assuming ping is allowed, if ping doesn't work, it is a network or license server issue)

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