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NX Attrubute lists


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I am trying to find a list of attributes that can be applied to an NX part to control its behavior.


This is difficult to explain, so I have attached an image showing what I am looking for.


In this screenshot, there is an attribute that makes sure this part can only be a component, not an assembly. This is ENFORCE_PIECE_PART.


There is also an attribute that controls if the component could be deformable. This is DEFORMABLE_PART.


What I am trying to find is a list of attributes that NX will recognise to enforce how the part behaves.








Re: NX Attrubute lists


Is that "enforce_piece_part" attribute related with the enforce piece part check available in the preferences menu? How did you do that? Thanks

Re: NX Attrubute lists

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor

Hi @what_next,


There is no list, perse, and there aren't that many attributes that actually control the behavior of a part.  Typically Part Attributes are reserved for meta data.  The documentation will likely be you're only source.  That said I'm sure the forum can suggest some attributes for your list. 


Here are some examples that actucally do control the behavior (and links to their associated docs):



By the way, I don't believe ENFORCE_PIECE_PART and DEFORMABLE_PART actually control the part's behavior.  I suspect these are used for quick reference to identify the characteristics of the part by reviewing its part attributes, or by mapping the values back to the PDM system (e.g., Teamcenter).


Regards, Ben


Re: NX Attrubute lists

Cheers @BenBroad

You are right, I thought it was the attributes that control the enforce piece part, but looking at @Javidic other post from earlier this month, I have realised its actually a setting elsewhere.

Javidic, all that has been done is an attribute has been applied to the part properties that says it is a piece part, this is a manual process.

Cheers Guys


Re: NX Attrubute lists

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

File > Utilities > Enforced Piece Part, which can be used to set/unset a part as piece part. Setting a part as a piece part does not add the attribute 'ENFORCE_PIECE_PART' to the part properties. @what_next, it is not NX generated attribute. If you open any template part of part family from standard parts of Reuse Examples then you can delete that attribute from the properties irrespective of the enforced piece part option settting.


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