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NX CAD/CAM & Drafting help (NX11/12)


Hello fellow NX users.


We have few problems using NX CAD/CAM and NX Drafting features in NX11. Since I could not get any satisfied answers nowhere I’m turning to this forum to find out how did other EXPERIENCED users use NX.

First I would like to mention that I/we have been using NX for appx. 17years. And also others in my company (some even longer).

I’ll be referring to NX 8, which is to our experience the last NX that work flawlessly, fluid and is actually useful. For that reason we still do not use other NX versions above NX8, like NX 11 or 12. (Although we have paid for the license!! But are useless to use!! We are frustrating!)


(I will post NX Cam problems in CAM section.)


So now I would like to know how others are dealing with the situation.


First I will point out “drafting” environment.

Who did drawings and use drafting in NX8 will know what I’m talking about. Its hard to describe in words. Simply, the rapid dimension command in NX11 (or NX 12) do not work flawlessly and fluid as it works in NX8.

Ill point out just a few. Example 1. First you already have to have two dimensions as in picture below (dimension made to point in the center of an object. Let us say, this is an “erosion electrode”). If you want to make additional simple dimension and 1st select an edge (not edge point) and then select e.g. point (in the center) it won’t allow you to snap the point.



Instead it will most likely snap the dimension line and not allowing to snap the point at center. And then the dialog appears. In some rear-strange occasions the snap will work at point.

This is just one minor thing. In overall, the dimension and the workflow is not near as fluid as in NX 8.

There are bunch of those small details that are irritating and consume a lot of time if you do more complex drawings. It would take too much time to describe all of them.

There is also the »escape« button, which in NX 11 case cancels the whole operation, instead only one step. (if you click dimension, and want to correct the click, (in NX8) simply press ESC and re-click the new desired point/object for the dimension. This is not the case in NX11/12, because it cancels the whole command and you have to do all over again).

And what is THE MOST FRUSTRATING is, that »zoom« is restored to point where you made start click of the dimension command.

This is so FRUSTRATING, that my hairs get electrified!!! Can please anyone tell me the benefits of this idiotic feature??

Those who did not try to make drawings in NX 8, pleas do it. It is such a joy to work with it, compared to NX 11.



Second, the “modelling”. There are also some things that are downgrade in NX11/12, compared to NX8. I’ll point out one small example.

When using “bounding body” command. In NX8 you just click the object to make the If you want to change the offset/clearance, simply put in the value.


If you want specific side to have different value, simply click the arrow on model and put the value. It will apply only to desired/selected plane. It’s straightforward and simple in just one click!



If you want go back again for all planes to be the same, just put the value to »clearance« in the left box. Again, its straightforward and simple.


In NX11/12 its more complicated and it needs few more clicks. I wont described here, but you can try it if you do not believe.

So again … where is the enhancement??? I really do not understated from where and from whom “NX developers” get ideas for all kind of so called »enhancements« ??


This are only the minor thigs, but irritating as well. So ... any solutions?

(For all this I was using NX (and in some cases testing NX 12)

We have much important issues in the CAM section. Ill post the errors there.


Best Regards.


Re: NX CAD/CAM & Drafting help (NX11/12)

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The "rapid dimension" command has been discussed pretty thoroughly here:


In the thread above, you will find a lot of users to commiserate with along with some reasons why it changed and some potential work-arounds. If you don't like the current dimensioning scheme, contact GTAC and open an incident report / enhancement request.


The "create box" dialog you show is from NX 9, not NX 8; this command wasn't available in the modeling application until NX 9. Some enhancements have been added to the command in later versions, and yes, this made the dialog box a bit more complicated. If there are certain options that you often use, try setting up the dialog as you like and save it as a favorite for later use.

Re: NX CAD/CAM & Drafting help (NX11/12)



Sorry, but you wrong. It’s from NX8.0.3.4 to be exact. (it doesn’t matter if its NX9 or 8, but just to be clear)

nx8 cretebox1.jpg


Regarding dimensioning. Im reading. .but .. nothing useful… unfortunately. As the things are now, are way worse than in NX8. We really do not understand where this is going on and where the enhancement are?? Maybe on some places. But in overall is a (big) downgrade

Re: NX CAD/CAM & Drafting help (NX11/12)

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I agree totally, but unfortunately we are beating a dead horse.

This is the direction Siemen's is going period, no changing back.