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NX Electrical routing - Harness library


Hi guys,


I am a neophyte in NX Electrical Routing. 

I woud like to made a harness Library, flexible harness and no locked length. In thi way I could put in directly harness in assembly routing so I bypass the classic workflow which could be put in connectors - create path -assign stoke-...and so on every time i need to do. 


Later, I would like to take out info about each harness modelled and to make a drawing. 


Can i do this and how?


Thanks a lot for your support.


Hope I have been not confused






Re: NX Electrical routing - Harness library

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Daniele,

You can create a flexible component assembly (harness assembly ) first and then register it with the routing electrical library.

(1) Once you model your harness assembly .. you need to put these .prt in  ....\UGROUTE_ELEC\metric\parts.

(2) Create a ptb file (copy one of the existing one and edit it). These are located in ...\UGROUTE_ELEC\metric\tables. Your part /assembly information will be a part of this .ptb file

(3) Finally registering it...\UGROUTE_ELEC\appview  you will find an xml file ugroute_elec_metric.xml ....register your entries here and then you will see that your assembly can be accessed in the routing electrical library inside NX.


Best Regards


Re: NX Electrical routing - Harness library

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor

Hi @daniele__88,


Please find attached a very simple example (part files) and a movie showing:


  • Routing electrical cable harness defined as a deformable "flexible" cable harness whose length is not locked
  • Creating a Reuse Library for flexible cables
  • Adding flexible cables to a device and constraining, rotating and locking engagement
  • Adjusting cable stock lengths to a fixed length
  • Adding resultant assembly to a drawing sheet, adding a Routing BOM to show the cable lengths



Screenshot - 6_23_2017 , 12_37_25 PM.png

[Note that the avi was 7-zipped and then zipped due to its size.]


Regards, Ben