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NX-Integraded Optimization for Expressions

Hello everybody,

I found a few interesting functions here (for NX10)

In the section for "NX Optimize" you can find the KF-Functions for different optimization algorithms.


Here is the question: Does anybody know how to use them in expressions? Can anybody show some examples?




Re: NX-Integraded Optimization for Expressions


This was done for lookup tables, hope this helps out a bit.  Kind of mid way down the thread.

Re: NX-Integraded Optimization for Expressions

@sdeters: Thank you for your tip. But I need to know how to feed this functions with parameters.

For example: the help for the ug_downhill_simplex is this:


ug_downhill_simplex Synopsis

Defun: ug_downhill_simplex(
       Name, $minmax,
       List, $dv_values,
       List, $dv_lower_limits,
       List, $dv_upper_limits,
       List, $cons_limits,
       List, $cons_types,
       List, $controls,
       List, $target,
       Integer, $num_objectives,
       Boolean, $local_opt )
@@{...} List;

Solve the minimal problem by Downhill Simplex

Input Arguments:
minmax - Either Minimize or Maximize
dv_values - Values of design variables(list of Number)
dv_lower_limits - Lower limit of design variables(list of Number)
dv_upper_limits - Upper limit of design variables(list of Number)
cons_limits - Limits to what a constraint result can be(list of Number)
cons_types - Type of constraint limit(list of Integer):Upper bound: +1, Lower bound: -1
controls - Values of all optimizer controls(list of Number)
target - Targets for objectives to achieve(like goal seek) List of Number
num_objectives - num_objectives greater than 1
local_opt - Flag as to whether local_optimization or not(global)

The nx-help has no information that shows in detail how to use this function. I'm looking for an real-life example to understand what all this means.



Re: NX-Integraded Optimization for Expressions

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Siemens Phenom


Have you tried using the optimization function directly (Menu->Analysis->Optimization and Sensitivity->Optimization)? It enables you to select a target expression and define several variable expressions which the system will change in order to find an optimized solution. See the video below. It may also give you an insight on the type of information to put into the expression function if you choose to use that instead.

(view in My Videos)


Re: NX-Integraded Optimization for Expressions

Hi Abeinjapan,

Thank you for your video. I tried your way but the icon for optimization is inactive (grey). I can't start this command. My support told me that i need a special license "ug_opt_wizard" to activate it.


I hope that this license is only a prerequisite if you want to use the optimization dialog. Maybe it is still possible to use the expression-way with the KF-Functions. But to do this i need a few tips or examples.