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NX MCD 3D trace of a path


Hello guys,

In a lot of cases it could be very convenient to see exactly the interactions between several movements during or even after a simulation in NX MCD.


1) is it possible to make a kind of 3D trace or to view graphically the path of a piece/axis directly in the 3D view during the simulation or even after the simulation?

2) or else could it be possible to make a kind of "duplication" of a moving piece at each step of the simulation, in order to create a kind of ghost of the path. 
If you have some tricks or examples, I would be grateful Smiley Happy



Re: NX MCD 3D trace of a path

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi MagicPotato,

MCD does not support geometry generation from a path.

Altough similar Functionality is supported in other NX Applications like NX Motion (there it is called "Trace") and Assembly Sequencing (here it is called "Motion Envelope").

ugraf_2017-04-10_10-18-16.pngNX Motion: Traceugraf_2017-04-10_10-15-52.pngNX Assembly Sequencing: Motion Envelope

Maybe this can help?

Best regards