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NX MCD: Collision Bodies behave different on different computer

Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with MCD-simulation, that derived from a more complex situation I can reproduce with a very simple setup. Attached you will find a small zip with a MCD-Assembly consisting of two simple bodies. Both bodies are defined as rigid bodies including a collision body and are fixed with fixed joins. Both collision bodies are setup with a different category in order to suppress any "collision-reaction" between these two. The expected result, when starting the simulation: Nothing happens, both bodies remain still. On one of our computers, a HP Z-book, the result is different: the two bodies wriggle around, I can see the collision bodies are active. We checked several times and even reinstalled NX on the Z-Book and updated the graphic-drivers: NX is installed and run in the same way on both, the Z-Book and all the other computers (Lenovo-, Fujitsu-Laptops and Desktops, but the result is completely different