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NX MCD automatic naming of Signals


Hi Guys,


I am currently trying to configure an NX MCD Model that contains one element several times.

It is a rather simple part that just has to move from one point to another so it's only using a 'Sliding Joint' and a 'Position Control'. Instead of defining those for each Part individually I wanted to define them once in the actual part, add the part to an assembly and pattern the component there so that I save myself from clicking the same things 8 times in a row. In theory this works fine, NX adds all 8 Sliding Joints as well as the Position Controls and assings each one its own name (_1 to _8).

The Signal Adapters always mess up though and I can't figure out why.

The Signals either dont get named individually or they get named in the reverse order to the Signal Adapters.

This can be seen in the attached or inline screenshot:



Does anyone have a recommendation on what I can try here?