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NX(MCD) initializer error (PLCConnect)?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,


When I try to launch MCD I'm getting the following error: The type initializer for iSILOG.PLCConnect.Utils.Misc threw an exception. 


* I have set the path in user_dir to the folder where the PLCConnect runtime dll is located. 


Does anybody know what could be the issue here?


Best Regards,




Re: NX(MCD) initializer error (PLCConnect)?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Pim, MCD would be best addressed in the NX Design forum, I will move this post there.


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Re: NX(MCD) initializer error (PLCConnect)?

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter
Hi Pim,

PLCConnect is a solution of iSILOG-EDAG-PS. It seems to be a licensing issue.

Please ask for support under

Best regards