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NX MCD: "Align Body" Function


Hey everyone,


on NX 12 there is a new function called "align body". I thought this could help to center a workpiece in a gripper or a chuck, even if the pickup position isn't exactly reached. For the "align body" function you have to define the associated body and its orientation (the point where this body should be aligned to another body), as well as proximity (up to which distance the alignment works).

In the following example I defined both the workpiece and the chuck as aligned bodies.


2018-05-17 10_55_44-NX 12 - Mechatronics Concept Designer.png


Now my question is: How can I integrate the alignment into the sequence editor? For example that the workpiece is centered in the chuck before it is clamped?


Many thanks in advance!





Re: NX MCD: "Align Body" Function

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Hello Janne,


you can simply deactivate one of the align body features in the physics navigator during edit and trigger/activate it via an operation during simulation/runtime (nearly all physics elements have a parameter called active that can be switched to true or false).


Best Regards


Re: NX MCD: "Align Body" Function


Thanks for your reply!


I've already tried to deactivate one of the aligned bodies, but the align function didn't work in the simulation. Maybe there was a problem with the settings of this operation.