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NX Mechatronics Concept Designer connection to Matlab not working

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Hi everyone,


I'm testing the new features of NX 11 MCD and among them is the connection to Simulink (a Matlab tool) models. The connection is done from a Matlab COM server that must be recognized by NX and then it's possible to link the NX signals to the Simulink In and Out ports. Once everything is ready and the NX and Simulink models are running, they seem not to be "listening" to each other, despite the links are already done.

What I mean is that when e.g. the NX model sends a signal to Simulink model or vice versa, no reactions are performed.


Has someone here already tried to connect these tools? If so, did it work?


Thank you all,


Willian Tomazini


Re: NX Mechatronics Concept Designer connection to Matlab not working

Hi, wtomazini


I have tested the whole work flow on my site with NX 11 and Matlab 8.0, it works well. After you hitting the PLAY button to start the simulation, the MATLAB COM server should jump out and you can test trough this Server. THAT'S IMPORTANT! Because only type commands or insert values through this server can be confirmed by MCD. If you using simulink model and opreate it through matlab command line we gerneal using, MCD will not receive anything.


Hope my advice is useful and if you have any problem please tell me, I am glad for helping. 


BTW, if you still cannot solve the problem, could you send me your configuration such as MATLAB version, simulink modle or something that I can test on my site.


Thank you!


Tony Cheng

Re: NX Mechatronics Concept Designer connection to Matlab not working

Hello, Tony


Thanks for answering!


I've performed the following sequence:


1. Open NX MCD model

2. Map the signals between Simulink model and NX model with the Signal Mapping command

3. Open Simulink model

4. Start simulation on both models


I tried simulating just the NX MCD model too, but it didn't work. The COM server is located as well as the tags from Simulink, so I think it's not a connection problem, but a workflow one.

Everything I did is just on NX, so I didn't apply commands from Matlab except running the Simulink Command. I worked as if it was an OPC connection.


My tests were with Matlab 8.5



Re: NX Mechatronics Concept Designer connection to Matlab not working



I'm testing this NX-Simulink connection too.


I have attached the Matlab and NX models. Everything should be ok, but nothing happens and data is not transferred  between NX-Matlab.


Would it be possible to get some help / advices, could some e.g. test mys project and also tell a bit about the

procedure / sequence, in which order should I do all the tricks and so on?


I also wonder if my projects are correctrly configured?


Kind regards,


Antti Liljaniemi

Metropolia UA