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NX Motion (Plotting against angle)



Hello Everyone,


I'm running a motion simulation on a crank-slider mechanism, such as the image above. I have been given the length of 0A and AB and reference velocity of 4rad/s and acceleration of 15rad/s^2. I have set the simulation up to work, but now I need to make plots for the position, velocity and acceleration of point A and B over the angle theta.


Could anyone suggest how I set up these plots because I only have the option of using time as the independent variable.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance!


Re: NX Motion (Plotting against angle)

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Hello Benjineer,

usualy questions about NX motion should be asked in the Simcenter 3D Forum


But it can be done quite easy so here is the answer:

In NX Motion you can right click on a graph object and select "set as X-Axis" and then plot your results into an NX window.


ugraf_2017-04-30_20-35-41.pngSet as X-Axis Command for NX Motion Graph

The results could look like this:

ugraf_2017-04-30_20-38-01.pngResult windows with different X-Axis (Time / Angle)

In this case I just took the linear movement of the slider with time as x-axis (1st. graph) and with angle of the driving joint as x-axis (2nd. graph).

I hope this helps.

Best regards,