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NX Routing Mechanical - design rules

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi -


I would like to ask if someone know the behaviour about the pre-defined design rules in mech routing (nx11).

As i see it, there are 9 different design rules....

My focus is about rule no.4 :

Rule 4
Name Connection Compatibility
Function UFD_Routing_MechanicalConnectionCompatibility
Library libroute_plugins
Modes Concurrent Interactive
Check the compatibility of connections.

Checks the equivalence of NPS or DIAMETER and
for non-equivalence of GENDER of connected objects.

There are no User Preferences.



I trying to get the system raising an error (design rule violation), if not the NPS attribute is equal, when a part is tried to be connected to another one....The ports in my components do contain a NPS attribute......

Am I on the correct track ???


I have also been looking into the routing specifications, but it seems like these specifications is designed to filter some parts out ,( a more detailed version of disciplins) Smiley Happy.....

I dont think that by using specifications , it will lét the system be able to raise an design rule violation...

Is this correct understood...??


regards Lars


Re: NX Routing Mechanical - design rules

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello Lars,

The source code for the design rules are in the ugroute_mech/plugins/source.

For this rule, it's UFD_Routing_MechanicalConnectionCompatibilityDesignRules.cxx .  So you can review the actual logic.  (One note- there's a mistake in the comments.  This can be used in Concurrent mode.)

If NPS is missing on either of the object, the connection is always valid.

The design rule looks to component attributes, part attributes, and port attributes to make the evaluation.  Generally a part or stock will have a single NPS, so the general part or component attribute can apply to all ports.  For a specific situation, like a reducer tee, the reducer port can have an NPS attribute, and others would use the part or component attribute.


If your Specification limits NPS to a single value, then yes, you wouldn't be able to select parts and stock with different NPS values.  But that applies to main NPS in the library.  So it would be possible to select the reducer tee, and connect to the reducer port in error.  


There is another capability that you should be aware, Destination Characteristics.  In the library Search dialog, you'll see the Select Object to Match option.  Typically this is the mating part where you are placing the new part.  If there is a destination characteristic attribute in the library search, and present on the Object to Match, the value will be automatically set in the search values.  So you can find the matching part more easily.  

For best usability, drag and drop from the Library node. 

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Re: NX Routing Mechanical - design rules

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi Doug -


thank you so much for your reply on this topic...

I have found out in the meantime, that it seems like the value of the NPS attribute shall be a "number" (double).

In our test environment we have all values of the NPS attibutes set as "strings"....

I'm convinced about that this is the problem, when I cant get a violation to appear - even if two ports NPS value is not equal....

We have set our values in the NPS attribute as string, because we often use ex 1/2" , 1/4" 1/1" 1½" as description of the NPS.....

I consider to rebuild our desgin rules, so they will support NPS as "string" instead of "number".....

In the source UFD_Routing_MechanicalConnectionCompatibilityDesignRules.cxx I assume it will be possible to do the stuff.....and then rebuild the: image libroute_plugins.dll