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NX Schematics


Anyone know anything about this?  I've heard it's a stand alone tool from a Siemens partner, but I've also been told it runs as part of the routing package.  This makes it sound like both.


I was given the impression from our sales contact, that it was standalone, so our electrical guys wouldn't have to get into full blown NX, but I have no clue on how I would launch it?


Any insight?



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Re: NX Schematics

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Hi Dave,


there are two option:

  • NX Routing Logical, which belongs to the Routing modules. Its primary focus are logical layouts, kind of PID (process and instrumentation diagrams). Starting it by choosing "All Application-Routing-Logical". You will also find the documentation in the NX Help
  • the other one is NX Schematics which comes from our partnerLTX Software Inc. It is a separate installation file and has its own license bit. Also documentation is separate. You may contact Keith Anderson from LTX for s/w and evt. test license.

I hope this helps





Re: NX Schematics

sorry for "hijacking" this question but we have some user demanding for "R+I Schemata drawing" and as far as I have seen NX schematics can do this, right?
Are there any (satiefied) users? Or is a special tool e.g. like FluidDraw from Festo "always" better?

Requirements are:
* a good data base of standard pneumatic components
* easy Placement and associative Connection
* user defined Addition to the database possible
* easy and automatic creation of BOM tables
* if possible the same title block like in "normal" drawings
* (automatic description of the connectors 1, 2, 11, 12 etc.)

Does anyone have any expierience and can tell me if These requirements are covered?


Re: NX Schematics

Hi Josch

It is bether to do everything in one System ok. NX Schemstics can to this all for you. You also get a direct interface to Routing Electrical and Mechanical.
Either Contact LTX oder the Partner of them Cad-Oases ( which are experts for more than 20 Years..