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NX Shape Realization

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The question concerns NX Shape Realization

 Say you have 4 solid bodies in the picture below. I'm trying to use NX Realize Shape to create a body in between that connects all those 4 bodies. Is there a way to "extrude" my cage faces to the free faces of those 4 connecting bodies? The solid bodies have NOT been made using NX Realize shape and I can't seem to use the "Bridge Face" command.


Thereafter, is it possible to enforce a "tangent" connection between the solid body and the Realized Shape?


Thanks in advance for your precious help!




Re: NX Shape Realization

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This should be possible using the Realize Shape command Connect Cage. You will however have to do a few step to prepare the connecting areas.

The connection works by closing open areas on either side. So in the solid models these need to be made sheet bodies with the face(s) inside the connection you want deleted, probably best by using the Unsew. In the realize shape body delete the face where the connection is to be made.

You should now have pairs of open edges describing a closed G1 continuous set of curves. These can then be used in the Connect command.



Steve V