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NX and Sharepoint are currently not friends...




we wanted to move our reuse library to a sharepoint document library. (we are not using teamcenter, so the reuse library is not in our plm system)


But NX is not able to write at this location because NX test for write access by creating a file which starts with a "point". Sharepoint can not save documents which file name starts with a point so NX thinks there is now write access...


Maybe this is also interessting for other users so here are our ERs:

7661574 OPEN NR Illegal test file for testing "write access"...

1129525 OPEN NR Provide tools to support access to Reuse Library from another PLM System


It is not only for the reuse library but for all write operations.


(NB: why do all "big" software try with this kind of files??? For example: Adobe always has a "~" in their test files and therefore has the same problems. Incompatibilities with no reason at all...why not use a proper file name???)


 I think it for NX it is because of their Unix days. Has anyone tried to define the NX Temp dir and provide only read access to that folder. There comes a very funny error message...





Re: NX and Sharepoint are currently not friends...

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I (kind of) understand the reasoning for doing what they do...

I'm not sure if they do this EXACTLY this way, but I believe it is close enough for the discussion here.


What happens if something fails during the save?

If you have file "a.prt"

open in NX, then save.

if NX tries to write directly to "a.prt", and the save fails, you have lost both the original & the new file. (ignoring the fact that NX has to open "a.prt" in order to save it, in case there is data in the original file that was not loaded into memory).


It is much safer to save to a "temp" file in that folder and if (and only if) the save is successful, delete the old file & rename the temp file to the proper name.


By using the "." as the first character, in unix this (IIRC) "hides" the file (by default), so no one sees the new file until it is finished.


Note MS Office (word, excel, etc.) also create "~" files when you open them.


But then for something like sharepoint, perhaps they need to offer an alternative means to do the same thing (bring back VMS file versions?)

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Re: NX and Sharepoint are currently not friends...


Yes I know that in a unix environement the "starting point" indicates a hidden file. Here you can see the roots of NX :-)


Office also creates "~" files but since Office and Sharepoint are Microsoft products they somehow manage to deal with that...


I only want NX to use a temp file that can also be written in a sharepoint document library...but I fear it may be so deep buried in old code that changing this will break the whole program... :-)